ENABLE is a consortium of companies with common ownership, values, and governance. These companies were borne out of a desire to improve upon the level of service being experienced from supply chain.

ENABLE provides a unique contribution to the marketplace, proposing an all-inclusive or a-la-carte service offering partnered with specialist knowledge of the industry. Consequently, we can tailor our services to meet our client’s individual needs on every occasion.

Alongside EQUATE Design, ENABLE consists of:

  • BCM Construction have offices in London, Mitcham, Lingfield, Swindon and Merthyr Tydfil.
  • BCM was established in 1985 initially majoring in highways infrastructure before becoming heavily involved with rail infrastructure works.
  • BCM is an organisation that recognises the importance of people.
    They believe that with the right people anything can be achieved.
  • BCM is governed and wholly owned by an experienced Board of Directors who have ultimate responsibility for the company’s overall performance and strategic direction.
  • BCM’s vision is to be an exciting and energetic, project design and delivery organisation in the UK Construction sector (£100m plus) with active projects in overseas markets
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  • CrewIT Resourcing have offices in the U.K. and Ireland and provide both professional and labour resources to the rail and construction industries.
  • CrewIT have experience in international recruitment, and have met the challenges posed by skills shortages in both the UK and Ireland. The management team are highly tuned to the client requirements and are actively involved in resolving language challenges posed by the introduction of international labour resources.
  • CrewIT Resourcing has a technical division specialising in the provision of specialist plant operators include high level access equipment, lifting equipment, and On Track Plant.
  • CrewIT Resourcing also has a training department which manages the training needs and competency management of the consortium. We have a dedicated in-house trainer who has developed bespoke technical safety training for site managers and supervisors to improve the quality of staff being provided to our key customers.
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  • Construction Hire Solutions are based in Lingfield, Surrey and provide plant, small tools and fleet management services to the consortium.
  • CHS are also highly tuned to the challenges around fleet management. CHS provides the consortium with a FORS registered fleet management service which places a high level of focus on driver behaviours through telematics, and fatigue management.
  • Our ambition for CHS is to rapidly acquire a Plant Operators License which will facilitate the purchase of On Track Plant and Road Rail Vehicles as this is a service we find the supply chain failing at present.
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